The Tranquil Tree All-purpose exercise and yoga mat

perfect for yoga, pilates, ab floor exercises….

…and for everyone who knows quality equipment means a quality workout.

The high-density 1/4″ thickness makes it easy on your joints, but strong enough to support your balance.  Extra length (24″x72″) makes it useful for any body type.  And it’s PVC and phthalate-free, so it’s safe and doesn’t have that funny yoga mat smell.

It’s made of eco-friendly TPE, so you know you’re taking care of the environment.

Plus, every mat comes with a FREE Yoga Mat strap!

Use it at the gym, studio, in the park, or even in your very own living room…but don’t wait because supplies are limited.

Tranquil tree yoga mat.
At 1/4″ (or 7mm if you prefer) thickness, the high-density Tranquil Tree yoga mat cushions and supports. Plus, it wraps easily and with the free yoga mat strap, it’s easy to carry and store.


Tranquil Tree yoga mats by Making Merry products
The Tranquil Tree all-purpose extra-durable, non-slip, extra-long high-density ¼” PVC-Free Fitness and Yoga Mat.
High-desnsity, dual-sided textured surface of the Tranquil tree yoga mat.
The textured surface on both sides means your mat won’t slip on a smooth wooden floor…and you won’t slip on your mat.

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As a fitness enthusiast and martial artist, I’ve used a lot of yoga and fitness mats.

Each time, there was always “something” that made it a hassle.  Sometimes the mat wouldn’t lay flat…or I might as well have been laying on the hardwood floor…or worse, the mat was so soft I had to fight to keep my balance.  And of course, there was always that plasticky yoga mat smell.

Even though there’s a lot of options out there, I never found that one mat that worked.

Finally, I decided I wanted one that wouldn’t have any of those problems.  And it wouldn’t have any dangerous PVCs or phthalates either!

Finally, I decided to stop waiting for someone else to sell me the perfect mat and do it myself.

So now, I’m happy to introduce the Tranquil Tree all-purpose fitness and yoga mat!

It’s available at

The Tranquil Tree all-purpose exercise and yoga mat features:

  • 24″ x 72″ length so it works for everyone
  • Support for your joints and your balance
  • A double, non-slip surface that helps avoid injury and grips mat to floor
  • Made with TPE so it’s PVC and Phthalate FREE!
  • Quick cleaning with soap and water
  • Blue color stimulates calming response and improves workout results
  • A FREE Carry Strap included for easy transport and storage

It’s designed to let you focus on your workout, not your mat.

When you order now, you get a 20% New Year kick-off discount!

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